School Timetables

Please find below our timetables for academic year 2021-2022:

YS012 - Teaseldown / Brookview - Route T1 - Birch/Witham/Sible Hedingham
Birch, Luard Way07351625
Little Totham, Office Lane07521608
Witham, Wulversford08081552
Witham, Honeysuckle Road08151545
Sible Hedingham, Oxford Meadow08451510
YS012 - Teaseldown / Brookview - Route T2 - Thundersley/Rayleigh/Wickford
Thundersley, Rosebury Drive07301635
Rayleigh, Hartford Close07431622
Wickford, Pladda Mews07581607
YS012 - Teaseldown / Brookview - Route T3 - Baddow/Galleywood/Chelmsford
Baddow, Spring Close07401625
Galleywood, Barn Mead07551610
Chelmsford, Clark Way08051600
Chelmsford, Savernake08141551
Chelsmford, Linnet Drive08201545
YS012 - Teaseldown / Brookview - Route T4 - Epping/Ongar
Epping, Station Road07301615
Galleywood, Barn Mead08101545
CMS - Kingswode Hoe School / Lexden Springs School - Gestingthorpe/Pebmarsh/Halstead
Friday only
Gestingthorpe, The Crescent073016271557
Great Henny, Bowers Cottage074216151545
Halstead, Churchill Avenue075616011531
Halstead, Park Drive080215551525
Kingswode Hoe School083715251430
Lexden Springs School084515051500
HL969 - Stour Valley / Clare Primary - Route S6 - Wickham St/Wickhambrook/Stansfield/Poslingford
Clopton Green, Giffards Lane Fire Station07351542
Clopton Green, Bus Stop07371540
Stansfield Junction to Village Hall07471530
Stansfield High Street Jnc Assington Green Road07481528
Poslingford, Goslands07521524
Poslingford, The Street07581518
Poslingford, The Street (opposite Poslingford Hall)07591517
Poslingford, Wentford Granary08011515
Clare Primary (PM only)1510
Stour Valley School08101505
Hedingham School - Route H1 - AM – Blackmore End/Sible Hedingham - operated on behalf of Hedingham Omnibuses
Blackmore End, Four Ashes Farm0813
Blackmore End, School Road Jnc0815
Blackmore End, School Road0816
Blackmore End, Syers Field0818
Sible Hedingham, Blois Hall0828
Hedingham School0840
Hedingham School - Route H2 - AM – Cornish Hall End/Gainsford End/Southey Green - operated on behalf of Hedingham Omnibuses
Cornish Hall End, Herkstead Farmhouse0745
Cornish Hall End, Tinkers Gn0750
Gainsford End, Houghtons Fm0803
Southey Green, The Chase0820
Hedingham School0835
ACME St Margarets School, Toppesfield- Stambourne
Stambourne, Chapel End Way08301535
Stambourne, Village Hall08331532
Stambourne, Finchingfield Road08351530
St Margarets School, Toppesfield08451520
ACME Belchamp St Paul C.P. School - Pentlow/Belchamp Walter
Pentlow, School Rd



Belchamp Walter, Gestingthorpe Road08311551
Belchamp Walter, Chapel Hill08331553
Belchamp St Paul School



ACME De Vere C.P. Castle Hedingham- Sible Hedingham
Sible Hedingham, Finch Walk08351525
De Vere Primary School08421515
ACME - St Giles, Great Maplestead - Sible Hedingham
Sible Hedingham, Alexandra Road08301530
St Giles Primary School08501510
ACME - St John The Baptist, Pebmarsh - Lamarsh/Alphamstone
Lamarsh, April Cotts08321543
Lamarsh, Alphamstone Road08331542
Alphamstone, Goulds Road08351540
Alphamstone, Junc of Pebmarsh Rd & Goulds Rd08371538
St John The Baptist, Pebmarsh08451530
YS0014 Philip Morant School -Route P1 - Parkeston/Colchester/Layer de la Haye
Parkeston, Princess Street07001615
Colchester, Huntley Drive07301545
Layer de la Haye, Abberton, Upper Cottages07491526
Layer de la Haye, Waterworks Close07541521
Philip Morant School08101505
YS0014 Philip Morant School -Route P2 - Jaywick/Colchester
Jaywick, Lotus Way07051605
Colchester, Goring Road07401526
Philip Morant School08101505
YS0014 Philip Morant School -Route P3 - Halstead/Layer Marney
Halstead, Mitchell Avenue07251550
Halstead, Harvey Street07301545
Layer Marney, Poplar Cottages08001515
Philip Morant School08101505
YS0011 Forest Hall School -Route F1 – Springfield/Feering/Braintree
Pollards Green, Springfield07301639
Feering, Feering Hill07521617
Braintree, Cunnington Road08101555
Forest Hall School08451520
YS0011 Forest Hall School -Route F2 - Roydon/Harlow
Roydon, Hamlet Hill07401625
Harlow, Long Banks07481617
Harlow, Manor Road08001605
Harlow, Wheatfields08041601
Harlow, Juniper Road08101555
Forest Hall School08451520
YM0010 Stour Valley Community School -Route S1 - Helions Bumpstead/Sturmer/Birdbrook/Baythorne End/Ridgewell
Helions Bumpstead, TBC07051610
Sturmer, Village Hall07121548
Sturmer, Rowley Hill Layby07141546
Birdbrook, Station Road Junc A101707191541
Baythorne End, Ridgewell Road07171538
Ridgewell Bus Stop meet SVCS Bus07221535
Stour Valley Community School08101505

This route meets Route S4 at Ridgewell Bus Stop on AM/PM route

YM0010 Stour Valley Community School -Route S2 – Ashen
Ashen, Junc The Street/Foxes Road07451515
Stour Valley Community School08051505
YM0010 Stour Valley Community School -Route S3 – Bulmer/Gestingthorpe/Belchamp Otten/Ovington
Bulmer Primary07201546
Gestingthorpe, Bus Shelter07281538
Belchamp Otten, The Street07341532
Ovington, Ashen Road Junc07411524
Ovington, Kicking Donkey07431522
Stour Valley Community School08051505
YM0010 Stour Valley Community School -Route S4 – Great Waldingfield/Great Conrard/Borley/Foxearth/Glemsford
Great Waldingfield, Coronation Rise07151549
Great Cornard, Chelsworth Avenue07231541
Foxearth, Eyston Smythes Farm07371527
Foxearth, Village Hall07411523
Glemsford, Fair Green07481517
Stour Valley Community School08051505
YM0010 Stour Valley Community School -Route S5 - Toppesfield/Steeple Bumpstead/Ridgewell/Gt Yeldham/Lt Yeldham/Knowl Green/Belchamp St Paul/Pentlow
Great Yeldham, Toppesfield Rd06451612
Toppesfield Pump06551608
Steeple Bumpstead, Bower Hall Dr07101555
Steeple Bumpstead, John Tibauld Court07131552
Steeple Bumpstead, Claywall Bridge07171548
Steeple Bumpstead, Broad Green07201545
Ridgewell, Bus Shelter (inc feeder)07251540
Gt Yeldham, junc Tilbury Green07291536
Gt Yeldham, Manns Cross07311534
Gt Yeldham, Oak Tree07331532
Lt Yeldham, The Church07351530
Knowl Green07401525
Belchamp St Paul, Bus Stop07411524
Belchamp St Paul Church07461520
Pentlow, Pinkauh Lane07551513
Stour Valley Community School08101505
XM0022 Ramsey School - Route A - North End/Little Yeldham/Gosfield
The Pump, North End0720
Little Yeldham0725
Gosfield, Kings Head0740
Gosfield, Halstead Road0742
Ramsey School
XM0022 Ramsey School - Route B - Greenstead Green
Greenstead Green, Old Thatch0755
Greenstead Green, x roads0756
Greenstead Green, Crocklands0757
Ramsey School
XM0022 Ramsey School - Route C – Gt Henny/Alphamstone/Pebmarsh/Little Maplestead
Great Henny 0723
Alphamstone, Goulds Road0735
Alphamstone, Ashdown Cottage0739
Pebmarsh, Cross End Bus Shelter0743
Pebmarsh, Great House0744
Pebmarsh, Kings Head0745
Pebmarsh, Clay Hills0746
Little Maplestead, Collins Road0750
Little Maplestead, School Road0752
Ramsey School
XM0022 Ramsey School - Route D – Bures/Wakes Colne/Colne Engaine
Bures Hamlet, Lamarsh Hill0715
Wakes Colne, Upper Green0723
Wakes Colne, Inworth Lane0725
Wakes Colne, Boarded Barns Rd0729
Colne Engaine, Lawshalls Hill0738
Colne Engaine Countess Cross0739
Ramsey School
ABC Churchill Free School - Route A – Harlow/Little Canfield/Great Dunmow/Great Easton
Harlow, Fennells07001620  1710
Little Canfield, Farmer Close0737 1543  1633
Great Dunmow, The Downs074215381628
Great Dunmow, Dunton Hill Road075015281618
Steeple Bumpstead,081515031553
Churchill Free School083014501540
ABC Churchill Free School - Route B – Chelmsford/Witham/Silver End/Braintree
Tiptree, Rosemary Crescent070016201710
Witham, Cornwall Gardens072016001650
Silver End, Daniel Way073515451635
Silver End, Broomfield074015401630
Braintree, Sunnyfields Rd075515251615
Churchill Free School083014501540
ABC Churchill Free School - Route C – Elsenham/Saffron Walden
Chelmsford, Writtle Road065016351725
Elsenham, Franklin Drive072016001650
Saffron Walden, The Avenue074015401630
Saffron Walden, Crabtrees074515351625
Saffron Walden, Linton Close075015301620
Churchill Free School083014501540
ABC Churchill Free School - Route D – Brightlingsea/Thorrington/Halstead/Stambourne
Brightlingsea, Tower Street070016241714
Thorrington, Tenpenny Hill070816161706
Halstead, Stansted Rd075015341624
Stambourne, Finchingfield Rd081315111601
Churchill Free School083514501540