School Timetables

Please find below our timetables for academic year 2022-2023:

CMS - Kingswode Hoe School - Sible Hedingham
Friday only
Sible Hedingham, Castle Meadow075016001450
Sible Hedingham, Brook Meadow075315571447
Sible Hedingham, Swan Street075515551445
Kingswode Hoe School084015101400
Hedingham School - Route H1 - AM – Blackmore End/Sible Hedingham - operated on behalf of Hedingham Omnibuses
Blackmore End, Four Ashes Farm, End of Lane0813
Blackmore End, School Road Jnc0815
Blackmore End, School Road0816
Blackmore End, Syers Field0818
Sible Hedingham, Blois Hall0828
Hedingham School0840
Hedingham School - Route H2 - AM – Cornish Hall End - operated on behalf of Hedingham Omnibuses
Cornish Hall End, Tinkers Green0800
Cornish Hall End, Herkstead Farmhouse0801
Gainsford End, Houghtons Farm0810
Hedingham School0820
ACME Acorn Academy & Powers Hall - Sible Hedingham/Braintree
Sible Hedingham, High Street Green07501605
Sible Hedingham, High Street Green07501605
Braintree, Orchard Drive08151540
Braintree, Kipling Way08201535
Acorn Academy08351515
ACME St Margarets School, Toppesfield- Stambourne
Stambourne, Church Road08351525
Stambourne, Church Road08351525
Stambourne, Finchingfield Road08371523
St Margarets School, Toppesfield08451515
ACME Belchamp St Paul C.P. School - Pentlow/Belchamp Walter
Pentlow, School Road



Belchamp Walter, Chapel Hill08331543
Belchamp St Paul School



ACME De Vere C.P. Castle Hedingham & St Giles, Great Maplestead - Sible Hedingham
Sible Hedingham, Swan Street08301530
Sible Hedingham, Finch Walk08351525
De Vere Primary School08421518
St Giles Primary School08501510
ACME - St John The Baptist, Pebmarsh - Lamarsh/Alphamstone
Lamarsh, April Cotts08321543
Lamarsh, Alphamstone Road08331542
Alphamstone, Burnt House08351540
Alphamstone, Junc of Pebmarsh Rd & Goulds Rd08371538
St John The Baptist, Pebmarsh08451530
CM0008 Stour Valley Community School -Route A - Sturmer/Ridgewell
Sturmer, Village Hall07121548
Ridgewell Bus Stop meet SVCS Bus07221535
Stour Valley Community School08101505

This route meets Route E at Ridgewell Bus Stop on AM/PM route

CM0008 Stour Valley Community School -Route B – Ashen
Ashen, Junc The Street/Foxes Road07451520
Stour Valley Community School08051505
CM0008 & QSC078 Stour Valley Community School -Route C – Great Waldingfield/Borley/Foxearth/Belchamp Otten
Great Waldingfield, Coronation Rise07281538
Borley, School Road07381546
Foxearth, Village Hall07421532
Foxearth, Eyston Smythes Farm07461538
Belchamp Otten, The Street0752
Stour Valley Community School08051505
CM0008 Stour Valley Community School -Route D – Belchamp Otten/Ovington
Belchamp Otten, The Street1520
Ovington, Jnt Ashen Road08101512
Ovington, Kicking Donkey08121510
Stour Valley Community School08201505
YM0010 Stour Valley Community School -Route E - Toppesfield/Steeple Bumpstead/Ridgewell/Gt Yeldham/Lt Yeldham/Knowl Green/Belchamp St Paul/Pentlow
Great Yeldham, Toppesfield Road06451612
Toppesfield Pump06551608
Steeple Bumpstead, Bower Hall Drive07101555
Steeple Bumpstead, John Tibauld Court07131552
Steeple Bumpstead, Claywall Bridge07171548
Steeple Bumpstead, Broad Green07201545
Ridgewell, Bus Shelter (inc feeder)07251540
Great Yeldham, junc Tilbury Green07291536
Great Yeldham, Manns Cross07311534
Great Yeldham, Oak Tree07331532
Little Yeldham, The Church07351530
Knowl Green07401525
Belchamp St Paul, Bus Stop07411524
Belchamp St Paul Church07461520
Pentlow, Pinkauh Lane07551513
Stour Valley Community School08101505

This route meets Route A at Ridgewell Bus Stop on AM/PM route

BM0013 Ramsey School - Route A - AM - Little Yeldham/Gosfield
Little Yeldham0730
Gosfield, Bus Shelter Kings Head0740
Gosfield, Halstead Road0742
Ramsey School
BM0013 Ramsey School - Route A - PM - Greenstead Green/Gosfield
Ramsey School1505
Greenstead Green, Church Road1509
Greenstead Green, Crocklands1510
Greenstead Green, X Roads1511
Greenstead Green, Old Thatch1513
Gosfield, Halstead Road1521
Gosfield, Bus Shelter Kings Head1523
Hedingham School1530
BM0013 Ramsey School - Route B - AM - Great Henny/Alphamstone/Pebmarsh/Little Maplestead
Great Henny0720
Alphamstone, Goulds Road0735
Alphamstone, Ashdown Cottage0740
Pebmarsh, Cross End Bus Shelter0743
Pebmarsh, Great House0744
Pebmarsh, Kings Head0745
Pebmarsh, Clay Hills0746
Little Maplestead, Collins Road0750
Little Maplestead, School Road0752
Ramsey School
BM0013 Ramsey School - Route B - PM - Little Maplestead/Alphamstone/Pebmarsh
Ramsey School1505
Little Maplestead, School Road1510
Little Maplestead, Collins Road1512
Alphamstone, Ashdown Cottage1518
Alphamstone, Goulds Road1520
Pebmarsh, Cross End Bus Shelter1522
Pebmarsh, Great House1523
Pebmarsh, Kings Head1524
Pebmarsh, Clay Hills1526
BM0013 Ramsey School - Route C -AM – Fordham/Bures Hamlet/Wakes Colne /Countess Cross/Colne Engaine
Fordham, Porters Close0715
Bures Hamlet, Lamarsh Hill0730
Wakes Colne, Upper Green0738
Countess Cross, West View0748
Colne Engaine, Countess Cross0749
Colne Engaine, Lawshalls Hill0750
Ramsey School0800
BM0013 Ramsey School - Route C -PM – Colne Engaine/Countess Cross/Wakes Colne/Fordham
Ramsey School1505
Colne Engaine, Lawshalls Hill1515
Colne Engaine, Countess Cross1516
Countess Cross, West View1517
Wakes Colne, Upper Green1527
Fordham, Porters Close1542
BM0013 Ramsey School - Route D - AM – Greenstead Green
Greenstead Green, Old Thatch0805
Greenstead Green, X roads0808
Greenstead Green, Crocklands0810
Greenstead Green, Church Road0810
Ramsey School0815
BM0013 Ramsey School - Route D - PM – Bures/Great Henny/Little Yeldham
Ramsey School1505
Bures Hamlet, Lamarsh Hill1522
Great Henny1533
Littel Yeldham1549
ABC Churchill Free School - Route A – Chelmsford/Little Canfield/Great Dunmow/Great Easton/Thaxted/Steeple Bumpstead
Chelmsford, Writtle, Rectory Road070016201710
Little Canfield, Farmer Close072815521642
Great Dunmow, The Downs073815421632
Great Easton, The Endway074315371627
Great Easton, Dunton Hill Road074615341624
Thaxted, Holst Lane075515251615
Steeple Bumpstead, St Mary’s Walk081515051553
Churchill Free School083014501540
ABC Churchill Free School - Route B – Witham/Braintree/Castle Hedingham
Witham, Cornwall Gardens073015501640
Braintree, Sunnyfields Road075015301620
Castle Hedingham, Sheepcot Road080515151605
Churchill Free School083014501540
ABC Churchill Free School - Route C – Elsenham/Saffron Walden
Elsenham, Franklin Drive073015501640
Saffron Walden, Tilia Court075015301620
Saffron Walden, Crabtrees075215281618
Saffron Walden, Linton Close075615241614
Churchill Free School083014501540
ABC Churchill Free School - Route D – Thorrington/Fordham/Halstead
Thorrington, Tenpenny Hill070516171707
Fordham, Rams Farm Road073015521642
Halstead, Fenn Road074615361626
Halstead, Stansted Road075015301620
Churchill Free School083014501540
ABC Churchill Free School - Route E – Tiptree/Silver End/White Notley/Shalford
Tiptree, Rosemary Crescent070516151705
Silver End, Daniel Way072016001650
Silver End, Broomfield072515551645
White Notley, Vicarage Avenue073215481638
Shalford, Jackmans075515251615
Churchill Free School083014501540
AS0018 & QHL038 - Castle Manor - Route 1 – Sudbury/Birdbrook
Sudbury, Uplands Crescent07451605
Sudbury, Talbot Road07501600
Sudbury, Rosemary Gardens07521558
Birdbrook, Moat Road08201530
Castle Manor08401510
AS0018 & QHL038 - Castle Manor - Route 2 – Saffron Walden
Saffron Walden, The Avenue08101540
Castle Manor08401510
AS0018 - Broadlands Hall - Colchester/Halstead
Colchester, Byron Avenue07301615
Halstead, Colne Road08151540
Broadlands Hall School08451510
AS0018 - Centre Academy East Anglia - Stanway/Colchester/Great Bromley/Lawford
Stanway, Radvald Chase070017201620
Colchester, St Mary’s Field071217081608
Great Bromley, Harwich Road072816521552
Lawford, Merrivale Road074016401540
Centre Academy082016001500
AS0018 - Centre Academy East Anglia - Dovercourt/Frinton-on-Sea
Dovercourt, Long Meadows070017251625
Frinton-on-Sea, Upper Fourth Avenue072517001600
Centre Academy082516001500
QSB110 - Centre Academy East Anglia - Saffron Walden/Bildeston/Wattisham
Saffron Walden, Campling Street071017151615
Bildeston, Squirrels Road081016151515
Wattisham, Crowcroft Road081216131513
Centre Academy082516001500
CM0012 - Alec Hunter High School - Braintree/Stisted/Cressing
Braintree, Orion Way07501540
Stisted, Tenter Gardens08091530
Stisted, Sarcel Way08101529
Cressing, Long Green08221520
Alec Hunter High School08401510
QOC356 - Gretton School - Haverhill
Haverhill, Ospey Road07301610
Gretton School08301510
CS0008 - Cambridge Regional College - Route 1 - Steeple Bumpstead, Lindsell/Saffron Walden
Steeple Bumpstead, North St07251625
Lindsell, Whitegates07501600
Saffron Walden, Beck Road08221538
Cambridge Regional College09001500
CS0008 - Cambridge Regional College - Route 2 - Ashdon/Sewards End/Saffron Walden/Widdington/Strethall/Great Chesterford
Ashdon, Bartlow Road073007300740171517151705
Sewards End, Cole End Lane074007500810170516551630
Saffron Walden, Ross Close075007500825165516551620
Widdington, Wood End080408040805164116411640
Strethall, Strethall Lane082208220821162316231624
Great Chesterford, The Willows083408340834161116111611
Cambridge Regional College09000900090009001545154515451545