Our Transport Services to Schools


School Contracts

We work in partnership with local and regional county councils to provide passenger transport to and from schools, colleges and social care establishments. Our council contracts consist of county funded transport for children and vulnerable adults who are eligible.

If you have any queries please contact us on 01787 460999 or email cars@deveretravel.com

UM0204 Stour Valley - Route A - Halstead/Bulmer/Foxearth/Borley Green/Glemsford
UM0204 Stour Valley - Route B - Great Yeldham/Tilbury Green/Ashen/Tilbury Juxta Clare/Ovington
UM0204 Stour Valley - Route C - Ashen/Tilbury Green/Tilbury Juxta Clare/Ovington
UM0204 Stour Valley - Route X - Sible Hedingham/Great Yeldham/Toppesfield/Steeple Bumpstead/Ridgewell/Little Yeldham/Knowl Green/Belchamp St Paul/Pentlow
HL969 Stour Valley - AM - Wickham/Stansfield/Poslingford/Clare
HL969 Stour Valley - PM - Clare/Poslingford/Stansfield/Wickham/Haverhill
SC695 Stour Valley - Haverhill/Fenstead End/Glemsford/Cavendish
Hedingham - Route 8 - Finchingfield/Waltham Cross/Wethersfield/Southey Green/Delvin End
Hedingham - Route 9 - Pebmarsh/Alphamstone/Twinstead
WM0025 Belchamp St Paul - Route A - Cavendish/Foxearth/Borley/Belchamp Walter - AM ONLY
WM0025 Belchamp St Paul - Route B - Pentlow - AM ONLY
WM0025 Belchamp St Paul - Route C - Pentlow/Foxearth/Liston/Borley/Belchamp Walter- PM ONLY
US0112 St Francis - Rayne/Halstead/High Garrett
XM0022 Ramsey - Route A - Gosfield/Burtons Green/Greenstead Green/Little Henny/Little Maplestead
XM0022 Ramsey- Route B - Wakes Colne/Colne Engaine/Pebmarsh

Reasonable rates, reliable service – grateful for these! Thank you.  Very impressed with service.  Very happy with service.  Excellent service.

Various, Nov '17

Our new driver is great and so, so friendly. Everything is good.

Mrs Walker, Nov '16

Dave is the driver in the morning and he is extremely polite and friendly to the children.  De Vere give my daughter a fantastic service and are always on time.  My daughter has received this service for over 3 years and it has been exceptional, the drivers and escorts have been excellent and the office staff always helpful and kind.

Various, Aug '16

Leah absolutely loves her taxi rides with Alan, lovely driver for her.

Sharon, May ‘16

What an excellent service Amanda gives us and really must point out how punctual and reliable she is which is really helpful. I think you do very well.

Sharon, Feb '16

Colin is a superb driver and professional!   Very prompt – good service.   An excellent service. Thank you.   Great service.   Thank you for a good service.

Various, Oct '15

Thank you for all the times I’ve needed taxis changed, cancelled and put in place. First thing in the morning, last in afternoon, you and your staff dealt with it all so thank you.

Heather, Jul ‘15

Essex County Council

Braintree Council

Suffolk County Council